„For me, pilates is not only about toning the body muscles but also about clearing the mind and to cultivate the mindset that can help overcome stress and challenges in life."

Yoko is a ballet dancer and a pilates instructor originally from Japan. She loved to dance since her childhood and started to learn classical ballet when she was 5 years old.
She first encountered pilates when she was 15, while studying in ballet school in Australia, Melbourne. After she continued her dance education in France and joined the ballet company in Halberstadt in Germany, she moved to Berlin and became a freelancer. In 2017 she was reintroduced to pilates through her friend, while she was searching for further progress in her dancing. This time it gave her much deeper understanding of fundamentals and pilates became a very important part of her life, for not only improving her dance quality but for improving her mental health and stability as well. She discovered her love for teaching in 2018, after completing her mat pilates trainer training and since then she has been teaching pilates to many individuals especially beginners and various groups.


Yokos Unterricht

My class is focused on deepening of breath, grounding and lengthening of the body, combining gentle challenges to improve core strength and releasing muscle tension.
You have a safe space to practice and challenge yourself at your own pace with my guidance. I want to share the joy of feeling grounded and supported from deep inside your body. Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen your core and inner muscles that can provide a strong support for your spine and allow unnecessary muscles to rest.
It also improves your blood circulation, which gives you more energy to enjoy everyday life.


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